Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Shirts for All!

Some of my very favorites are from this year's 'Fall Collection'.

Dump Truck with Pumpkins for $18, or $21 with a name under. So cute, yet still manly!

Witch Boots! Shown here on dresses, but all items are stitched on white cotton t-shirts unless otherwise specified. This design is $18 plus $2 for name under. Additional fee applies if dress is chosen for order.

Might be my absolute fav & it's Lily's favorite for sure! Hello Kitty Pumpkin...$20, add $2 for name under.

Candy Corn on black...$16, add $2 for name. This is a great choice because it works from October through Thanksgiving!

So simple, yet so adorable! Polkadot pumpkin with name inside...$18

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